FanBolt’s Watch Party for Nat Geo’s ‘The ’90s: The Last Great Decade?’

Do you know where you were twenty years ago today? That’s the question the newest miniseries from The National Geographic Channel poses to viewers. Nat Geo just recently hooked FanBolt up with 2 watch party kits in promotion of their 3-night miniseries event The ’90s: The Last Great Decade?! And we have one of them to give away at the bottom of this post!

FanBolt had the chance to have our own viewing pre-party, so we’ve pulled together some highlights and fun facts for you all.

The ’90s: The Last Great Decade? Videos

Fun ’90s Facts – Did You Know?

  • Bill Clinton’s favorability rating surged by 21 percent after his appearance playing the saxophone on The Arsenio Hall Show.
  • At the height of the Lewinsky scandal, President Clinton’s approval ratings reached a high of 73 percent.
  • In the year after the O.J. Simpson car chase, sales of Ford Broncos increased 25 percent.
  • 91 percent of Americans watched the O.J. Simpson verdict, costing the economy $480 million; it’s the most unproductive half hour in U.S. history.
  • In August 1990, the single “Ice Ice Baby” became the first rap song to reach No. 1 on the pop singles charts (remaining for 16 weeks) and sells 40 million copies worldwide.

FanBolt Party: The '90s: The Last Great Decade?

The ’90s: The Last Great Decade? Contest

FanBolt Party: The '90s: The Last Great Decade?
FanBolt Party: The ’90s: The Last Great Decade?

Would you like to win your own The ’90s: The Last Great Decade? party kit? Here’s what it includes:

  • Themed cocktail recipes,
  • Mad libs and other familiar party games
  • Celebrity party masks
  • Branded décor

All you have to do to be entered to win is shoot us an email with your name and full mailing address to [email protected] with the subject line “Nat Geo Party Kit” and like us on Facebook! We’ll be announcing the winner tomorrow and you’ll have the kit before the series airs!

Please Note Contest Rules: Giveaway is open to US residents only, ages 21 and up.


Team FanBolt Verdict

FanBolt Party: The '90s: The Last Great Decade?

Verdict: Thumbs Up!

Team FanBolt loved this mini-series! It was awesome trip down memory lane – and even more fun playing with the kit Nat Geo sent over! Be sure to catch the first episode of The ’90s: The Last Great Decade? on July 6th at 9pm EST – and tweet us your favorite ’90s memories – with the hashtag #NatGeo90s!


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