Talks Fail To End Hollywood Strike Row

Hit TV shows THE TONIGHT SHOW with JAY LENO and THE DAILY SHOW with JON STEWART will be among the ‘worst hit’ by the imminent Hollywood screenwriter strikes.

The popular U.S. talk shows are facing severe disruption after talks to end the strike by the writer’s union broke down on Tuesday (30Oct07). Negotiations took place at the Alliance of Motion Picture & Television Producers offices in Los Angeles on Tuesday (30Oct07) – but had to be abandoned when no agreement could be reached.

While production of shows including Heroes and Grey’s Anatomy look less likely to be affected, late-night topical comedy programmes face a harsher fate.

Writers in Los Angeles are threatening to take action over the terms of a new three-year contract, the current agreement having run out on 31 October (07).



  1. *Twinkle* wrote: Aw phew.. no offense, but I can live without Jay Leno.. It still sucks though that they can’t reach an agreement.

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