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Adelaide Kane Talks ‘Reign’ Popularity at Comic-Con 2014

Adelaide Kane Talks ‘Reign’ Popularity at Comic-Con 2014


Reign‘s Adelaide Kane joined co-stars Toby Regbo and Megan Follows along with executive producer Laurie McCarthy at Comic-Con 2014 this week. The CW series has incubated an incredibly passionate and active fanbase, and Kane commented on Reign‘s popularity along with her most memorable fan encounter since the series first premiered.

Why do you think Reign is so popular?

Adelaide Kane: There really hasn’t been a historical show, or a historical fiction show, that has been aimed at a young demographic before. I don’t know if it’s because previously networks have thought that younger audiences wouldn’t be interested, or because they want to put more adult content in it – making it more HBO or Showtime friendly. No one has really ever made anything like this before with the wardrobe, the drama and the romance, and the very, very pretty boys. I think it’s like catnip for a young adult crowd. I mean, I like the show. I watch it mostly to criticize my performances [Laughs].

What is your most memorable fan experience?

Adelaide Kane: We do have a really passionate following. Someone made a Twitter account for my cat. And I was devastated, because I wanted to make one. It was very sweet, because she said, “You can have it. You can have it.” She took the name I wanted, and we did a little Twitter trade-off. She gave me the password for the account, and I took over the account for my cat. She was just really excited that we were talking and writing messages back and forth. So that was really lovely. They just get really excited.

Because with my short hair and out of costume, they don’t recognize me, so when you see the moment of realization – it’s really sweet. I’m just a normal person, I just happen to have a really weird job.

Want more from Reign‘s appearance at Comic-Con 2014? Check back with FanBolt next week for videos and additional coverage!

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