Fresh Start for Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett on WE TV!

I must have missed the official release, or maybe there just wasn’t one but Kendra Wilkinson-Baskett no longer has her tv show Kendra on E! channel. I had noticed a couple of weeks ago a rumble on twitter that Kendra was “moving on”, but couldn’t get a answer as to what that exactly meant.

So what exactly happened to her E! show, Kendra, which premiered in June 2009? She’s a little vague with her response, telling USA Today simply that she “parted ways” with the network after they “went in a different direction.”

WE TV has announced that Kendra and family would be apart of a new project on their channel titled “Kendra on Top”. Here is what Kendra has to say on the interesting title:

“Of course you can look at it however you want to look at it, but the reason we named it that was because everyone said, ‘Kendra, you’re the most fit, you’re the best wife, you’ve got the best family.’ Everyone’s been saying those words to me so we summed it all up.

“You can take it and play with it and have fun with it. I’m OK with it, ‘cuz I’m a free person, I’m open. That’s the fun part of it, but the real meaning is where my life is now.”

WE has ordered 14 episodes of Kendra on Top, which begins filming in Los Angeles this month and is slated to debut this summer.

Kendra is calling her deal with WE “a fresh start” and “a perfect fit,” She says, “My life is a journey. I love to put it on TV.”

This means the new series will still include hubby Hank Baskett, 29, showing his business side as he tackles life after the NFL. It will also cover their continued adventures in parenthood, as little Hank, now 2, enters Montessori preschool.


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