Plastic Bottles Banned From Grey’s Anatomy Set

Television bosses have gone green on the set of GREY’S ANATOMY – by banning
plastic bottles.

Actress Brooke Smith was pleasantly surprised when she joined the cast
full-time for the fourth season of the U.S. TV hit to discover each person
working on the show has a thermos flask to drink out of.

Smith, who has made several guest appearances in previous seasons of Grey’s
Anatomy, says, “I got a bottle. I got a little thermos.”

“I think one thing that should be mentioned and applauded is that they have
banished plastic bottles from the set. Isn’t that cool? It’s the first time
I’ve seen it.

“The thermos says ‘Grey’s Anatomy Season 4.’ You have to be responsible with
that thermos. You have to bring it with you.”



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