Jon Hamm Dismisses ‘Doctor Strange’ Casting Rumors

Jon Hamm has dismissed rumors he is in the running to take on the role of Doctor Strange in the upcoming Marvel film of the same name.

Reports suggesting the Mad Men star is being considered to play the superhero recently surfaced, but Hamm insists he has not been approached about the part.

He tells, “The funny thing about the internet is you can have rumors go on about possible jobs, and possible things that you have no idea (about).

“Maybe, I don’t know. It’s funny when the internet knows more about you than you do, but maybe they’ve been talking to someone at Marvel. I certainly wasn’t approached about it, but I do like Dr. Strange. He’s a cool character.”

Doctor Strange, which follows the fortunes of a former neurosurgeon who becomes the Sorcerer Supreme, will be directed by The Exorcism of Emily Rose filmmaker Scott Derrickson.

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