Nicki Minaj Says Snake-Bitten Dancer ‘Handled It Like A Trooper’

Nicki Minaj has praised the dancer who was bitten by a snake during rehearsals for the rapper’s set at the MTV Video Music Awards, revealing the brave stage star refused to let the injury stop her performing.

One of the hip-hop star’s dancers was hurt by the reptile while practicing a routine for Minaj’s rendition of new single “Anaconda,” and she was hospitalized to treat the nasty bite.

The snake was subsequently removed from the stage show, and Minaj reveals the bitten dancer refused to axe her performance at the prizegiving in Los Angeles on Sunday.

Minaj tells, “One of dancers got bitten by a snake, and she handled it like a trooper. She went to the doctor, she’s fine, she actually still performed.”

Taylor Swift made light of the snake-bite during her VMA performance last night, referring to the incident when she refused to make a stunt jump during her set.

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