Nicole Kidman on Celebrity Photo Scandal: ‘There Are So Many Topics That We Could be Giving Time To’


Nicole Kidman is baffled by the outrage over the Hollywood hacking scandal, insisting there are more important issues in the world than nude celebrity pictures.

The entertainment world has been rocked by the release of dozens of saucy snaps of stars including Jennifer Lawrence and Kirsten Dunst, and the story has dominated headlines since the photographs hit the Internet on August 31.

However, Kidman is adamant the scandal has been blown out of proportion.

She tells Sky News, “These days there’s far too much importance placed on things like that. Who cares about these photos, that’s very superficial, why that would even make news astounds me, but a lot of what makes the news astounds me. I do think we need to be talking about the violence in the world, in terms of Iraq, violence towards women, education and women, what’s happening in Afghanistan. There are so many topics that we could be giving time to than celebrity photos, it just doesn’t hold any interest for me.”

The scandal has prompted an investigation by agents at America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI).

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