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I.N.O.X: The New Victorinox Watch, Challenging Limits

I.N.O.X: The New Victorinox Watch, Challenging Limits


Swiss Army’s parent company, Victorinox, is celebrating their 130 year anniversary this year, and amidst the celebrations is the release of the newest product from Swiss Army, I.N.O.X.

Designed and built to withstand unusual levels of stress, I.N.O.X has passed a slew of 130 ruthless strength tests, and it’s even reinforced with a removable bumper protector (made out of nylon and silicone) just incase you find yourself in an extra rough situation.

If you’re like us, you’re probably curious as to what types of tests products like this get put through. I found the strength tests with the I.N.O.X especially interesting… through the tests Victorinox Swiss Army conducted, we know that I.N.O.X can, for example, withstand a 10-meter drop onto a concrete surface, have a 64-ton tank drive over it, and resists two hours in a washing machine as well as a sandstorm. It can resist variations in temperature from – 51° C to +71 ° C and 12G forces of acceleration and deceleration. I.N.O.X has also been subjected to attack by corrosive products such as gasoline, solvents, oils, cleaning products and insecticides.

That’s fairly impressive.

But there’s more – designed to withstand unusual vibration, shock and temperature changes, it has been reinforced well beyond the standards of a conventional timepiece, and is guaranteed to maintain a perfect seal underwater to a depth of 200 meters.

The solid steal I.N.O.X is now available, and the current collection is available with dial and strap in black, khaki green or navy blue. All versions are equipped with a Swiss made Ronda quartz movement.

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