‘Whose Line Is It Anyway’ Is Back

It’s time for Whose Line Is It Anyway the show where everything’s made up and the points don’t matter. That’s right; the longtime favorite improvisational game show is back for another incarnation – this time on The CW. The show, which ran for 10 series in its original British format until 1998 when it was revived in the United State and hosted by Drew Carey for 6 seasons, is back with our favorite cast members and a new host.

For those of you that don’t know; Whose Line is basically a television version of watching an improv troupe but with the bad/boring/uncomfortable parts taken out (sometimes things are edited for time or is not appropriate for family television). The cast members are given suggestions from the audience and without a script must create scenes or characters based solely on those suggestions. Returning to Whose Line are familiar faces from past versions including Ryan Stiles, Wayne Brady, and Colin Mochrie and they are met with the new host, though still familiar face, Aisha Tyler (Archer, Friends). In addition to the stellar cast each week also welcomes a guest to join in at least one, and sometimes more, of the games. Guest so far have included Lauren Cohan (The Walking Dead), Kevin McHale (Glee), Candice Accola (The Vampire Diaries).

You can catch two new back to back episodes tonight with special guest Kyle Richards (Real Housewives of Beverly Hills) and Olympic Swimmers Mary Killman and Mariya Koroleva tonight at 8/7c on the CW

Have you seen the show before? Will you be watching? Who’s your favorite cast member or guest? Sound off below!


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