Denzel Washington Wasn’t Thrilled to Film ‘The Equalizer’ in Boston

Denzel Washington had mixed emotions shooting gritty new drama The Equalizer on the mean streets of Boston, Massachusetts, because it was the last place he had a street brawl.

Bad memories came rushing back for the Oscar winner as he toured through some of the roughest blocks in America.

He says, “The last real fight I had was in Boston. My wife was doing a show called All Night Strut and I came up to visit her and security tried to suggest that I was a pimp and she was a prostitute and I couldn’t stay in the room! Security came to the door and it was on.

“That was the taste (of Boston), and walking to her show one night being called a n**ger: ‘Hey, n**ger, n**ger, n**ger. Hey boy!’ I was like, ‘Damn!’ That was the taste I had in my mouth about Boston.”

He adds, “This time I drove around Boston and I drove into the ‘Southy’ area and then you cross right over into the black area and I’m going, ‘Oh now I see’ – because all the poor folks are right next to each other and that’s always the case. In southwest Boston they were all right there, and they’re at the bottom.”

Photo Credit: Shelly Wall /


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