Blake Lively Responds to ‘Preserve’ Critics: ‘You Can’t Start a Company for Other People’


Blake Lively is bouncing back from the stinging comments about her new lifestyle website by using the more constructive criticism to improve the project.

The former Gossip Girl star followed in the footsteps of fellow actress Gwyneth Paltrow by launching her own lifestyle portal, Preserve, earlier this year, but it won a slew of negative reviews with some critics branding the site “ridiculous” and “pretentious”.

However, Lively is adamant criticism of her pet project will just help her make it better.

She tells

“You can learn a lot from criticism if you can take what’s constructive out of it. If you read a review that starts with ‘This person is an idiot, who do they think they are?’ You’re not going to learn anything from that. But there’s customer service feedback with good advice on how to make the site easier to navigate. Anything that has to do with the site experience and the design we listen to and assess the value behind them… The critics, well, they can be scary. But I know the disparaging critics are the media and the most kind are the consumers. And they’re the ones who make your brand… It’s less about others’ perception and more about my own. You can’t be an entrepreneur for other people. You can’t start a company for other people. You have to love it more than you ever thought of loving something that wasn’t a human being. The demands will kick you down and rob your life – but yet it is so rewarding.”

Paltrow launched her own lifestyle website in 2008, but was criticized for featuring expensive luxury products and bizarre holistic health tips.

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