‘Gone Girl’ Review: A Crazy Good Film

Gone Girl has been one of the most advertised films of the fall, and from the first time I saw the trailer – I was excited to see it. Fans that haven’t read the book (myself included) probably all have the same question – did he do it? Is Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck’s character) a murder? What happened to Amy? Don’t worry – we’ll warn you before you hit any spoilers in this review.

The trailer does a pretty good job at setting up the film. What it doesn’t do though is depict just how crazy twisted the ride is going to get before it comes to an end.

‘Gone Girl’ Review: Official Trailer

The script is absolutely fantastic, and while I cannot compare it to the book – I thought it was solid and engrossing writing paired with amazing directing. However, it’s the acting that truly stands out here.

Ben Affleck does an incredible job in the film, and yes, the rumors are true… You get to see full frontal-esque (Side nudity?) for about .5 seconds towards the end of the film. The beautiful and haunting Rosamund Pike does a great job as well. She creates a multi-dimensional character who you feel attached to before you even figure out what has happened. Her chemistry with Affleck is palpable, and you can’t help but smirk as you watch their courtship. They sizzle on screen together and feel like a guilty pleasure to watch (at least in the beginning).

The real scene stealer though has to be Tyler Perry as Dunne’s lawyer Tanner Bolt. Perry does a fantastic job at lightning up a rather heavy and intense film with some much needed comedy. Neil Patrick Harris, whom I love and adore, plays a very different character than the one most fans are used to (Barney from How I Met Your Mother), but I really liked seeing him in a role like this. Not that he needs to set himself apart from Barney. He’s already proven with other roles (especially Broadway) that he’s a force to be reckoned with – but this role for him is different, and he definitely rocks it.

Spoilers below – highlight to see…

I figured out what was going on about a second before it became apparent in the film. Up until that point, I was almost convinced that Nick was somehow involved. But what transpired was truly disturbing, and it took the film from being a murder mystery to being a psychotic thriller – which I truly enjoyed. The reactions to Amy were fascinating – and the fact that more people didn’t see enough warning signs early on also intrigued me. How could someone so crazy get away with being so crazy for so long? How could people know that she was this way and still want something to do with her? How could the movie end the way it did?! What about the rest of the video at Desi’s house?

I’m not going to discuss any more spoilers – because if I do I know I’ll upset fans, but I really do want to psychoanalyze people’s responses to Amy’s actions. I know I can’t expect crazy to make sense – but yet I still want to understand why people reacted the way that they did to her.

Overall, I truly enjoyed Gone Girl and felt that it lived up to the hype – and all the commercials we’ve seen. (Seriously, I don’t think I’ve seen another film advertised more in 2014 than this one.) But as we progress later into the year, the best films always arrive – and Gone Girl is definitely one of them.

Let us know what you thought about the film below if you’ve seen it? I’d also love to hear from book fans, and how you feel the film holds up to the story. Spoil away in the comments!

Grade: A


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