An Insanely Awesome Weekend at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta

Walker Stalker Con

As I write this (though not as you read this) I’m actually in the air headed to Syfy’s Press Tour in Orlando. We’ll be dining with Syfy Channel executives in a few hours and then off for bowling and drinks with the cast members of Ascension. Saying it’s been a crazy weekend is a bit of an understatement, but let’s start at the beginning…

Jasmine and I hosted Walker Stalker Live from the convention floor in Atlanta starting on Friday through Sunday. As I left her Sunday afternoon, I had my fingers crossed that the rest of the interviews that were lined up would go off without a hitch, but you have to learn to be flexible with conventions and interviews. The volunteer staff was beyond amazing, and of course Eric and James are two of the biggest fan rock stars I’ve ever met. Having been a part of the first Walker Stalker Con last November, it blows my mind to see what they’ve grown it into in just a year.

What’s unique about this convention in comparison to some of the larger conventions is pretty simple to see from the second you get inside. The very first year I attended Comic Con (2009), I was determined to get autographs from the cast of True Blood. Three hours later, the cast was gone and the line was cut off four people in front of me. At that point, I decided I was giving up on collecting autographs – and on trying to do a convention as a fan.

However, in my years since then and attending many fan conventions not only as press but as a panelist, moderator and/or MC – I couldn’t help but grow to love these smaller cons. They have all the passion and excitement of the big cons – without the headache and fan heartbreak. The celebrities that attend are incredibly accessible – you can get autographs and photos and even have some one-on-one interaction with them. It’s a beautiful thing for fans to experience.

Walker Stalker Con Atlanta

While Jasmine and I spent the bulk of Walker Stalker Con in the elevated press booth on the convention floor, I was able to bounce around the rest of the con a little – from the green room to the merchandise booths – I got to see some pretty cool things – and I’m eager to share them with you.

8 Moments That Made Me Smile at Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2014

  • While I had met Greg Nicotero before – I had not interviewed him. So getting to have 15 minutes one-on-one with him was pretty worthy of a Geek Out. He’s so kind and chill that you just want to go grab beers with him.
  • IronE Singleton is one of the kindest and most inspiring human beings I’ve ever met. I was able to see his one-man show on Friday night, and I was just completely blown away. The man has an incredible story and an even more incredible message. When he came up for his interview with us, he saw me and smiled, “Emma!” Not only is IronE one of my favorites to interview, but the way you feel when you’re around him and after he leaves is pretty amazing. He fills the room with positivity – and just makes you want to be a better person. I feel honored to know him and his amazing wife!
  • Ian Somerhalder was grabbing a quick lunch when Jason Momoa ran up behind him to surprise him. They were both all smiles while chatting for a bit and catching up. It’s pretty rad when you realize all of these convention guests are actually friends.
  • After autograph signings were done, and cast members were getting ready to take photos with fans – the younger cast members were running the back halls playing with toy Nerf guns. Smiles and laughter were everywhere. Lots of photos were taken – I have to imagine that some of those photos will show up on the cast member’s Instagram and Twitter pages!
  • I got to see ‎Ming Chen‬ from AMC’s Comic Book Men introduce himself to Melissa McBride and thank her for “letting them ride Walking Dead’s coattails.” – Side note: The Comic Book Men are some of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet!
  • IronE ran into Jeffery DeMunn in the hall, they hugged it out and briefly caught up. It was so great to see the reunion!
  • As the cast got ready to go take group photos with fans, Laurie Holden walked up to Melissa McBride and gave her a hug – mentioning that she had been asked what she thought of Carol being the new Andrea. “Carol is the new Carol! She’s amazing!” Andrea told Melissa her response.
  • The twins that portrayed Baby Judith may be two of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen.

Lastly, I have to say – getting to do live on-camera interviews for the first time, and getting to do them with Jasmine – not only FanBolt’s associate editor, but also one of my best friends – was an experience I’ll never forget. I’m not going to say we weren’t nervous, because interviewing the cast members of a show you love and admire for a live video stream – that’s a tad nerve racking. But FanBolt has always been “By the fans. For the fans.” So we were more than excited and honored when Eric asked us if we wanted the gig. We so greatly appreciate the opportunity – and look forward to doing more with Walker Stalker and this amazing fanbase in the future!

Walker Stalker Con Atlanta

A special thank you to Eric and James, all the volunteers (Cheri – you’re amazing!!), Jasmine Alyce, Jason Corman (my favorite photographer) and the coolest video guy I’ve ever meet (Romulo Molina).

FanBolt’s Walker Stalker Con Atlanta 2014 Gallery

We’ll have another post coming with all of our photographers shots from the convention – so be sure to check back for more Walker Stalker Con Coverage!

Photo Credit: Jason Corman / FanBolt / Romulo Molina

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  1. So you were the ladies in the sky? Glad to see lladies taking over. Hope to see you all in the future.

    1. That was us! We’ll be at all the WSC’s this year too – although I think our set up is going to be a little different in each location. But our first one of 2015 will be next weekend in San Francisco! 🙂

  2. I’m looking forward to London comic con but a bit gutted I didn’t know you had to pre book photo ops. I’m hoping melissa mcbride lets you take photos of your own ????. Not sure what to expect but really excited for an old lady

    1. Hope you have fun Michelle! I know a number of the actors do sell selfie photos with them at their booths. I’m not sure if Melissa does – but I”ll keep my fingers crossed for you! 🙂

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