Pharrell Commends Lindsay Lohan for ‘Speed-the-Plow’ Performance

Pharrell Williams offered Lindsay Lohan words of encouragement during a chance meeting in a London hotel.

The hitmaker was speaking to Britain’s Radar magazine when he saw the actress and struck up a conversation about her performance in London play Speed-the-Plow.

According to the publication, Williams told Lohan, “I’m so happy… Where you are… without judgement, where only talent can secure your position, and this is great because the world gets to see that you wouldn’t be there if you weren’t incredibly talented… You know, it’s a play, so everyone has to be in sync. If one person’s off, the whole thing’s off. So the world gets to see this incredible balance that you bring to people that you work with and that you do more than hold your own. I’m hearing that you shine in it.”

Lohan previously revealed she has already had problems during her run, which kicked off earlier this month, saying, “One of our guys didn’t show up for my first matinee. And they were gonna cancel the show. I was like, ‘You’re not cancelling the show ’cause then it’s my fault, it’s my a**’. So I called the understudy and said, ‘Please come in.’ Which was interesting…”

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