‘Two and a Half Men’ Star Jon Cryer Raps for Queen Latifah

Two and a Half Men star Jon Cryer proved he was a Queen Latifah superfan by showing off his rap skills on her talk show on Monday.

The actor paid a visit to The Queen Latifah Show and gushed to the multi-talented host about his longtime infatuation with her.

Cryer told her, “I’m an enormous fan. I’ve been a big fan going way back. I was a big fan of your rapping, which I miss, to be honest. I was hoping to be the first white guy in (Latifah’s rap crew) The Flavor Unit.”

When Latifah suggested he was “welcome to audition” for a spot in the group, Cryer took her up on the offer and went into the first verse of her 1989 song Dance For Me with ease, leaving Latifah astonished by his lyrical knowledge.

After his “audition”, Cryer exclaimed, “That was the happiest moment of my career!”

Check out his rap skills below:

Photo/Video Credit: Youtube


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