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‘Helix’ Star Kyra Zagorsky and EP Steven Maeda Talk Season 2 Changes

‘Helix’ Star Kyra Zagorsky and EP Steven Maeda Talk Season 2 Changes


Helix is set to return on Syfy January 16th at 10pm, but until then FanBolt got a few teasers to hold you over! We recently spoke with series star, Kyra Zagorsky, at Syfy’s Annual Press Tour, and we learned that the second season of the series will take place in an entirely new location. But don’t worry – a lot of the same mythology and suspense will still be present!

So what can we expect from Dr. Walker’s character arc in season 2? What kind of things is she going to be dealing with?

“Well, I can’t speak for where it’s going to go, but so far some of the things that are happening – you know, last season there was a lot that was taken from her, and who she was at the beginning of the season, she became a completely different person physically by the end of the season. So, there’s a lot of things that have made her evolve.” Zagorsky explained. “And when we came into season two, I feel like every time I get a new script, I’m kind of in a different adventure and journey within the story. So it’s been — it’s been pretty intense and interesting, and even episodes three and four in particular, I’m really excited about because some of the stuff that they did with my character and where she goes — and again, part of that psychological thriller aspect of the show, really starts to hit home here for me.”

Kagorsky continued to say that the things she was going through shooting those episodes in particular were some of
the most creative, bizarre, dark, intense, just craziest things that she’s ever gotten to do on camera in the first place.

“It’s about getting a script and thinking, wow, I have to rise to the occasion for this one. It doesn’t feel like T.V. for me. Sometimes I feel like I’m in this isolated indie film about some weird new thing that’s happening.” Kagorsky commented. “Her character is definitely becoming something else, and the whole thing with immortality, I think what’s interesting is it’s this new way of having to start over. You get that chance to try to right a wrong, but then that’s where the whole “play God, pay the price” starts to step in. So, yeah, she’s definitely evolved into something.”

Helix executive producer, Steven Maeda, also commented on what’s next for Dr. Walker, saying, ” One of the things I can tell you also about Kyra’s character, Dr. Walker, in particular, is we’re going to be playing with time this year, because one of the cool things about immortality is you live forever. And so, without getting into too much detail we are — you know, the great thing about having a show with immortal characters in it is that they look the same. And so we’re going to be having a lot of fun with structure and with time and with storytelling where we’re bouncing around a little bit.

Photo Credit: Emma Loggins / FanBolt

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