‘Midnight Rider’ Filmmakers Reach Settlement with Sarah Jones’ Family


The long battle for justice in the untimely death of Georgia production crewmember Sarah Jones, who was killed while working on location for Midnight Rider, has reached a huge milestone today, as a settlement in the suit has reportedly been reached.

The lawyer for the family of Sarah Jones, Attorney Jeff Harris, has released a statement saying that an agreement has been reached between the family, Midnight Rider director Randall Miller, his wife and the film’s producer Jody Savin, and several other crewmembers.

According to Deadline, Harris has said the following about the settlement:

“Richard and Elizabeth Jones’ objectives in filing this lawsuit, after the death of their 27-year-old daughter, Sarah, have been clear and unwavering. To find out what happened on the day of their daughter’s death, determine who was responsible, hold those who made bad decisions accountable and ensure this kind of tragedy never happens again on another film set. Today, we are another step closer to fully achieving those objectives.”

The criminal trial for Randall Miller, Jody Savin, Jay Sedrish and Hillary Schwartz is still currently scheduled to begin on March 9.

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