Snoop Dogg Launches Line of Scented Candles

Snoop Dogg has launched a high-end line of home decor with a collection of limited edition scented candles.

The hitmaker has created the Broadus Family Collection, with the first products up for sale on crowdfunding website Tilt.

Two scents, White Rose and Baby Powder, are the featured candles, and only 500 are available for purchase.

On the product website, Snoop writes, “I always get the mood rite wherever I’m at whether I’m recordn n (sic) the studio or puttn 1 n the air. I wanted to create somethn that everyone can enjoy – one that smells clean n fresh (Baby Powder) n somethn that the ladies would appreciate (White Rose).”

He also tells BuzzFeed Life, “Going in to the home decor business, I wanted strong scents that would appeal to everyone. White Rose appeals to the ladies and Baby Powder… who doesn’t love that so clean scent?

“I made a limited amount of these candles, it’s about quality and luxury. I like the smell of anything clean and classic.. hand me my baby powder I’m finna (going to) be on TV.”

Almost 200 of the organic coconut wax candles have been sold, and when the famous pot proponent was asked if he had any plans to create a weed scented candle, Snoop replied, “That’d be pretty dope. But why mask it when you can enjoy it! More states legalized it this week, I got nothing to hide.”

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