Nicki Minaj Was Nervous About Reaction to Vulnerable Side Displayed in ‘Pinkprint’

Nicki Minaj feared fans’ reaction to her new album after deciding to let her “guard” down and show devotees her more “vulnerable” side.

The tough-talking Anaconda hitmaker has been sporting a more toned down look then her previous flamboyant fashions and on her new single, “All Things Go,” from her album The Pinkprint, she opens up about having an abortion during her teens, among other personal issues.

Minaj admits she was worried about laying bare her feelings, but feels the risk has paid off as it’s brought her closer to her fans.

She tells Today, “I think it’s about time that people got to see me and it’s about time for people to feel a little bit more personable with people and sort of let my guard down. So I did that lyrically with the album as well as the look.

“This is a more vulnerable me and to write vulnerable records is very scary because you’re putting out a lot of personal information just to the world and you don’t always know how people are going to receive it and once you give it to them you can’t take it back…

“I think it’s actually done what I hoped it would do. It made people feel more connected to me and made me feel more relatable because I’ve gone through the same things every girl my age is going through, so it’s good for them to know that.”

Photo Credit: Young Money Records