Were Justin Bieber’s Calvin Klein Ads Photoshopped? (Probably.)

Pictures have emerged online appearing to show Justin Bieber posing in his underwear before he was reportedly bulked up with airbrushing for his Calvin Klein campaign.

The singer shocked fans with his heavily muscled appearance when the advertising snaps were unveiled this week, but pictures which have leaked on the Internet appear to suggest Bieber’s body was heavily enhanced.

In one snap, Bieber is seen with a much smaller chest and back, thinner arms and legs, a barely-there butt and a dramatically reduced bulge in his underpants.

The same shot from the Calvin Klein campaign apparently shows Bieber looking drastically different, with hulking muscles and a much bigger body.

The leak follows similar incidents in which stars including Lady Gaga and Kim Kardashian have been revealed in natural form before their pictures were airbrushed.

So what do you think? Was the Biebs an unfortunate victim of photoshopping? Maybe CK should have just waited for his grown-man body to come in.

Exclusive: @JustinBieber’s unretouched @CalvinKlein photo #BreatheHeavy #MyCalvins

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