‘Birdman’ Star Michael Keaton Laughs Off Critics Choice Stage Fall

Michael Keaton has laughed off his dramatic stage fall at the Critics’ Choice Movie Awards on Thursday, insisting he “took the Birdman flying thing way too far”.

The Oscar nominee picked up two prizes, Best Actor and Best Actor In A Comedy, at the Broadcast Film Critics Association’s 20th annual Critics’ Choice Movie Awards in Los Angeles.

The awards were among seven which went to Keaton’s film Birdman, about a washed up actor who previously played a flying superhero, but the night nearly ended in disaster when the movie’s star tumbled off the stage after picking up one of his trophies.

Keaton escaped without injury, and has now laughed off the embarrassing incident, even recreating the fall for reporters.

Speaking afterwards, he explained, “I did have quite an evening, including falling off the stage… It was great. Let me re-enact it for you. ‘Thank you very much, I’m so f**king cool.. Thank you’,” before miming his plummet to the ground.

Keaton added, “I was excited… I took the Birdman flying thing way too far”.

He is nominated for the coveted Best Actor Oscar for his performance in Birdman.

Photo Credit: Helga Esteb / Shutterstock.com


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