‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Cody Christian on Mona’s Death, Playing a Darker Mike and More!

Pretty Little Liars has a penchant for taking turns making its cast look shady, regardless of whether or not it’s actually the case. The shady-spotlight is now on Cody Christian’s character Mike Montgomery, and we had the chance to talk with him about what he thinks of Mona’s death, whether its more fun playing a darker Mike, and more!

As fans of the series know, Mike Montgomery is Aria’s little brother and was dating the dearly departed Mona Vanderwaal before she bit the big one. Although we were shown Mona’s really-most-sincerely dead-looking corpse before the mid-season finale, fans are still speculating that the former -A could still be alive. When asked about the seemingly-absurd theory, Cody seems to think it’s not all that crazy. “I don’t think it can be put to rest because you know, that’s the thing in Rosewood —- you could see a body but that doesn’t mean someone is dead.”

Since Mona’s death, Mike has arguably been struggling with her absence the most out of all the PLL characters and everyone has noticed. Mike is no longer the adorable little brother that would occasionally show up in the Montgomery house, and now that he has a darker, meatier story in the series, Cody is ready and excited to tackle the new material. “What attracts me to different characters, and the different roles as an actor, is to take on what almost scares me in a way. I want to take on what’s a stretch, and what’s so far out of my everyday life, that really makes me commit to a character and sort of lose myself. It’s great to really be in a position to create something new and spontaneous.

“That’s what I’m getting now with Mike. I’m doing these scenes and then all these things that are happening with the characters that are so out of character for Mike. Being able to portray that, and being able to be behind it and create all these new moments that the audience has never seen, is so exhilarating for me. I’m definitely excited for fans to see the rest of this story arc and what else is to come with Mike.”

Now that Mike is a more integral part of the story, it sounds like fans will get to see him interact with cast members that we haven’t seen him share a lot of screen time with. “In the episodes to come, you will definitely see Mike branching out and having interactions with characters that you might not have expected in the longest time.” Mike interacting with different characters could mean potentially anything as it relates to the development of the plot, but there still seems to be one PLL-guy that Cody wouldn’t mind having more screentime with revealing, “I love working with Ian [Harding]. I would love more scenes with him.”

So why has Mike been acting so shady lately? “I think what’s motivating Mike is what’s been motivating The Liars from Season One — and that’s to find answers. That’s the extent of it all. He wants to know why and what happened. He wants answers about Mona.” Thankfully Cody says that we won’t have to wait long for those answers, revealing, “The answers will be given to the audience very, very soon.”

Be sure to watch Cody in a new episode of Pretty Little Liars, airing tonight on ABC Family, and let us hear your Mike theories below!

Photo Credit: ABC Family


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