Kanye West Now Interrupts Fast Food Experiences As Well


Kanye West stunned diners at a fast food joint in London on Wednesday by jumping up on a restaurant counter and leading fans in a “Yeezus” chant.

The rap superstar shunned luxury at the BRIT Awards by leaving the backstage area at the O2 Arena and ordering his dinner at a nearby Nando’s restaurant on the complex.

West ate with his entourage and shunned attention from fans, but after finishing his meal, the hip-hop star surprised fellow diners and restaurant staff by shouting, “If we are gonna do this, let’s do it right!” before chanting “Yeezus”, the name of his 2013 album, and encouraging the whole crowd to join in.

However, West’s bodyguard soon became concerned as the crowd around the star grew, and coaxed him down from the counter before hurrying him out of the door.

An onlooker tells WENN, “Kayne was eating chicken with his entourage in Nando’s. His bodyguard stood nearby throughout. He told people he was a singer who wanted to be left alone. At the end he got on the counter and posed for photos then started a chant saying ‘Yeezus’. His bodyguard was annoyed he got recognied. He jumped down and got out quick.”

The incident came just hours before West performed at the BRIT Awards.

Photo Credit: Instagram


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