Madonna Wants a Date with…Drake?!

Madonna has three men she’d like to spend time with – rapper Drake, President Barack Obama and French movie veteran Alain Delon.

The pop superstar reveals she has a lifelong crush on Delon and shook like a leaf when he phoned her one night in Denmark on her last tour, and Drake is the latest man to catch her eye.

She tells Us Weekly magazine, “The lifelong ambition I still want to fulfil is to go on a dream date with Drake – and only kiss him.”

Or she’d like to finally meet Delon, adding, “The last time I was starstruck was when Alain Delon called me while I was in Copenhagen during my last tour. I was trying to get him to do an onstage cameo during a small show in Paris. I was shaking because I love him so much!

“I never met the dude and only knew him from movies. He was my ridiculous teenage crush.”
And she’s hoping Obama will invite her to the White House before he ends his run as U.S. President, adding, “The person I most want to meet is President Obama. When the heck am I going to meet him? He just needs to invite me to the White House already.

“He probably thinks I’m too shocking to be there. I’m serious. If I was a little bit more demure… or if I was just married to Jay Z. Hey, if Jay would only take me as his second wife, then I’d score an invitation.”

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