Common Addresses Oprah Oscars Snub Reports

Rapper-turned-actor Common has denied suggestions he snubbed a high-five from Oprah Winfrey as he went to collect his Academy Award last month.

Common, real name Lonnie Lynn, was feted with the Best Original Song award for Glory, his collaboration with John Legend for civil rights movie Selma, which Winfrey co-produced and starred in.

Video footage taken at the ceremony appeared to show Common ducking out of the way as Winfrey moved in to give him a high-five, but the star is adamant he merely misunderstood her gesture.

He tells Britain’s The Independent newspaper, “Oprah had her hand up to give me a clap – I thought she was giving John a clap so I went past her hand and went to (Selma actor) David Oyelowo. They created a big hype about it. Oprah is someone who I love dearly so I have nothing but reverence for her. I talked to her the next day and I don’t think she even knew that happened. This is a billion-dollar woman! Do you think she cares if I walked a little past her? But it wasn’t done on purpose!”

Photo Credit:Dylan Armajani / Esteb /


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