Exclusive: Archer Creator Adam Reed Talks Casting And Dad’s Garage

I was able to visit the production studios for FX’s Archer here in Atlanta, and sit down with creator Adam Reed for a long interview. Since it’s Thursday, it’s time for another piece of that interview!

Being from Atlanta, I recognized a couple of the cast members when the show premiered from when they had preformed at Dad’s Garage. Dad’s Garage is an awesome venue here in Atlanta, Georgia known for improv comedy as well as original plays. Both Amber Nash and Lucky Yates are well-known names among the fans that frequent the venue. I was curious, was that where Adam Reed discovered the pair?

“Yes, Amber and several of the guys that work here were or are involved with Dad’s Garage. Amber was actually in Frisky Dingo, and she actually did some voices for Sealab 2021 too. So we’ve known them forever.” Reed explained, “And Krieger was originally not gonna talk, because he was so weird. We couldn’t think of anybody whose voice would sound right. And Casey was like, you know, ‘Lucky’s got a pretty weird voice.’ And he turned to be a fantastic Krieger.”

And indeed he did!

Want to catch a glimpse at Amber Nash or Lucky Yates in action? Be sure to check out the venue if you’re in the Atlanta area!

Want more exclusive Archer goodness? There’s more coming your way every Thursday until the end of the season! There’s more to come from my interview and studio visit! Also check out our contest to win a Archer Season 2 poster signed by Adam Reed!

And be sure to catch a brand new episode of Archer tonight at 10pm eastern on FX!

Article/Interview By: Emma Loggins


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