Archer Creator Adam Reed Talks About The Season Finale & Jon Benjamin

I was able to visit the production studios for FX’s Archer here in Atlanta, and sit down with creator Adam Reed for a long interview. Since it’s Thursday, it’s time for another piece of that interview!

How would you describe Archer?

Adam Reed: Functioning alcoholic man-whore. If man-whore is hyphenated, it’s one word.

Can you tell me anything about the finale for this season?

Adam Reed: Archer dies.

Don’t say that!

Adam Reed: The finale… It’s an explosive finale. It’s a shocking ending. I will say Archer doesn’t die. That’s kinda spoilery…

You want him in Season 3 so you don’t want to kill him.

Adam Reed: Yeah. No, and I think Jon Benjamin has kinda like a 40 years contract, so he’s not gonna go anywhere.

How did you originally hooked up with Jon Benjamin?

Adam Reed: We called his agent about 1,000 times.

So you knew you wanted him?

Adam Reed: Yeah. You know he’s on every Adult Swim show. And I’ve been crazy about him ever since Dr. Katz. But FX wasn’t familiar with him. So we actually had Archer drawn, and we took the Archer character and got some audio from Coach McGuirk in Home Movies. Then we just had Archer in this tuxedo and talking to Brendon. And they were like,”Yes, get him!”
We actually had to get them to harass his agent cause nobody knew who we were. So we basically stalked him until he said yes.

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And be sure to catch a brand new episode of Archer tonight at 10pm eastern on FX!

Article/Interview By: Emma Loggins


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