Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis Reveal ‘Once Upon A Time’ Season 2 Details

FanBolt had a chance to sit down with Once Upon A Time creators/writers Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis at Comic Con 2012. They chatted with us about what we can expect to see in Storybrooke during Season 2.

During the Season 1 finale of Once Upon A Time all of our characters remembered who they were, but Season 2 raises new questions now that memories have returned. Is there even an enchanted forest to go back to? What happens now when they realize what they’ve lost?

While these are questions we’re going to have to wait for new season to answer, Adam and Edward did give us a number of answers to other questions! Check out our full interview with Once Upon A Time‘s Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis below!

We can’t wait for Season 2!

Keep checking back for more details on Season 2 of Once Upon A Time! We have more Comic Con 2012 interviews coming your way from the series!

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