ATX Festival 2015: Boy Meets Girl Meets World Panel Recap

ATX Festival’s Boy Meets Girl Meets World Panel was held today and the show’s stars and creator talked to fans about the legacy of Boy Meets World, as well as what fans can expect in the long-run from Girl Meets World.

Ben Savage, Rowan Blanchard, Sabrina Carpenter and creator Michael Jacobs all sat on the ATX panel and were more than happy to dish about the two series’, including what’s ahead on GMW this season (more Minkus! Maya’s dad! ‘Girl Meets Corey and Topanga’!), what the show means to them (creator Michael Jacobs feels “so blessed to be able to bring you guys this type of show”) and more!

Keep reading to find out the six things you need to know from the panel.

Top 6 Things to Know From ATX’s Boy Meets Girl Meets World Panel

  • Michael Jacobs told fans that they definitely won’t be happy with Shawn and Angela’s reunion. “You guys are going to kill me for what I did to Shawn and Angela.”
  • We learned that this season the mystery of Maya’s father will be solved. He’ll be making an appearance in ‘Girl Meets Forgiveness’ when Corey teaches the class a lesson on (you guessed it) forgiveness. Fans will find out who Maya’s father is and why he left. Let the theories roll in!
  • If you wanted more Minkus you’re in for a treat! Lee Norris will return 3 times during the show’s second season and we’ll get to meet his wife/Farkle’s mother!
  • Rowan and Sabrina are just as cute in real life as you’d want them to be. When they talked about casting Sabrina, Rowan admitted she knew her bff would be cast immediately after auditioning. “When we read together our hearts clicked…She got cast 3 days after she read and I knew she’d get cast.”
  • Michael Jacobs has the entire series mapped out already! “I have a plan and it is through to the end of the series,” revealed the creator.
  • Boy Meets World fans are in for a treat! A Corey and Topanga-centric episode is coming 🙂

Stay tuned all weekend for more ATX festival updates for shows including Empire, The Leftovers, Gilmore Girls and more!

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