Lyndsy Fonseca Chats ‘Nikita’ Seasons 2 And 3

The CW’s Nikita returns tonight – and if you can’t wait to hear what’s coming, series star Lyndsy Fonseca sat down with me at San Diego Comic-Con in July to discuss her character Alex’s journey through season two and what’s ahead for her in season three.

Having revealed herself to the world as Alexandra Udinov last season, Alex will be living her life in the public eye – which will throw a wrench in her work with the newly reconstituted Division. “Alex is going to have a lot of different challenges because she’s in the media. She’s a public figure. They know who she is and her family and her money and all that. She can’t really play these undercover roles. She’s dealing with playing herself as a cover,” Lyndsy said, adding that “Alex is in a little bit of denial as far as what she feels like she can handle. I think she’s going to hit reality [but] I don’t know how.”

Alex still has a simmering romantic relationship with Sean Pierce (new series regular Dillon Casey), which will have its own complications due to Alex’s troubled past. “I said in [the] second season when Nathan was around, I always felt like it’s great that Alex is having this banter and flirtiness with another guy, but she was a sex slave,” Lyndsy explained. “Love and sex and boyfriends are very different to her than the normal average girl. I think there’s a lot to be discovered in there.”

As far as the specific course ahead for Alex and Sean in the upcoming episodes, she added, “In the second season there was a lot of uncomfortable banter. In season three they’ll both come to a place where they can really just be – and then something’s going to happen and that’s going to mess it all up!”

The major development for Alex in season two was discovering the fate of and then being reunited with her mother, Katya, played by Sarah Clarke. Lyndsy had nothing but good things to say about her time working with the 24 and Covert Affairs actress, who was already a presence amongst the Nikita family before she appeared on-screen. “She’s the best,” she said. “She was kind of like Mom in Toronto – she’s Xander [Berkeley]’s wife, [and] I would babysit for her kids. We already had a relationship so when we got to be on set it was that much easier.

“The fact that [Xander] is not on the show this year is devastating,” she added, referring to the fact that Berkeley’s character, former Division boss Percy, died in the second-season finale. “He’s such an incredible actor and I know that villains die eventually, but that family is beautiful and creative and special. I love that family so much.”

When it comes to huge spoilers like Percy’s demise, Lyndsy prefers to be left in the dark. “I always tell [series creator] Craig [Silverstein], please don’t tell me what I don’t need to know. I don’t like playing Alex when I know what’s going to happen next. As a person, we don’t know what our lives are coming to next.”

She does have one wish for Alex in season three: after taking orders from Nikita, from Amanda, and now from new Division head Ryan Fletcher, “I would like her to be in charge of her own destiny instead of going along with where everyone else wants her to be,” she said, “and I think she’ll get there.”

For more Nikita buzz, check out my interviews with creator Craig Silverstein, Melinda Clarke and Aaron Stanford, and stay tuned tomorrow for words from Nikita herself, Maggie Q, and Shane West. Nikita returns tomorrow, October 19, on The CW.

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