8 Teases For The Final Season Of ‘Nikita’

Our favorite spy show on TV, The CW’s Nikita, comes to an end this midseason (specific air date and time yet TBA). At this year’s San Diego Comic-Con, cast members and creator Craig Silverstein gathered to give the series a sendoff. While there wasn’t much they could say – they hadn’t started filming season four when we spoke with them – here are eight bits of intelligence about what you might see or will hopefully see in the final six episodes.

01) Things won’t have magically resolved themselves for Team Nikita when season four begins. They’ll still be fugitives. (Season three ended with Nikita leaving her team – and the engagement ring Michael gave her – behind.)

02) Now that Division’s been laid to waste, the team needs a new base of operations, and Noah Bean told us it might have something to do with a plane. Wonder how they’re going to refuel without being caught?

03) Since we’ve seen Alex’s, Michael’s and last year now Amanda’s past, Maggie Q is hoping that season four will shed some light on Nikita’s backstory, before she came into Division. “”I want to know her origins,” she said. “I want to know who her parents are.”

04) Shane West told the fans gathered at the Nikita panel that he still wants to know Michael’s last name. You and us both, Shane.

05) Lyndsy Fonseca gave us just this cryptic clue: “Watch out for Amanda.”

06) Yet the woman that plays Amanda, Melinda Clarke, admitted that the only way she sees her character not being killed by the end of the series is if “she’s a doppleganger.” Hey, stranger things have happened on TV, right?

07) Look out for Birkhoff to get away from behind his computers in season four. Aaron Stanford revealed that “without a doubt,” we’ll see the technology expert involved in some action sequences.

08) And last but certainly not least, creator Craig Silverstein said that the show will continue to sprinkle references to its predecessor series, La Femme Nikita, into scripts. One such reference is the name of the base for the season’s villains, The Shop. “”When we went to write what their HQ was,” he said, “[we wrote] ‘Interior: Section.'”

The fourth and final season of Nikita airs at midseason on The CW.

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