‘Supernatural’ Star Jared Padalecki Talks Humanizing Crowley, Why Sam and Dean Never Have Facial Hair and More!

Jared Padalecki is one half of the dynamic duo that makes up the Winchester brothers on the long-running CW series Supernatural.

The actor has been filming his 11th season of the show and has done his best to use the fame the show has brought him for good, speaking out about his own struggles with depression in hopes to keep a dialogue continued.

Padalecki was honest in revealing he’d hit a bit of a speed bump with his illness earlier this year, but thankfully made it through his latest bout and was in full form at this year’s Comic-Con. The actor was in high spirits and ready to talk about what’s ahead for the upcoming season of the show,as well as answer some other interesting questions.

Fans of the show may have noticed that Jared and Jenson rock a bit more facial hair in real life than their Winchester counterparts, but there’s a very good explanation as to why we won’t get to see the brothers rocking five o’clock shadows anytime soon. “Man I want the beard so bad!,” exclaimed Padalecki. “They say it’s because of the FBI or the police. When Sam and Dean are police officers or FBI agents, they wouldn’t be able to have beards…I wish we could keep it. I’m a big fan.”

So are we, Jared, so are we.

Now on to show matters…Crowley may be dead, but we all know that doesn’t mean much in the world of Supernatural. Mark Sheppard stuck to his “Crowley is dead” mantra throughout the con, but Jared gave us a bit more of a hint about what could be ahead for the King of Hell.

“I love the Crowley/Rowena dynamic…We all know that things on Earth aren’t so peachy for the Winchester boys, I like seeing, kind of, stressors in Heaven and Hell as well. You get the larger picture. Especially with the Darkness coming, and that’s pre-biblical and pre-dates Heaven and Hell and God, it’s nice to see that in Heaven there are going to be problems, in Hell there are going to be problems, on Earth there are problems. It kind of, in a weird way, humanizes Crowley, and Rowena as well, but to see him have those kind of struggles, outside of the Winchester brothers.”

Watch the full interview below to find out what scenes made Jared emotional, what it’s like to have Jensen direct and more!

Supernatural returns to The CW October 7th.

Photo Credit: FanBolt/Emma Loggins


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  1. There are plenty of episodes where they have facial hair. Also, Jensen appeared to have a beard in the works in at least part of season 9.