Rhys Meyers Wants To Play Young Brit’s Father Again

Irish actor JONATHAN RHYS-MEYERS wants to play young star FREDDIE HIGHMORE’s father again – when he’s in his 60s.

The MISSION: IMPOSSIBLE 3 star played the 15-year-old’s dad in acclaimed new movie August Rush, and he insists Highmore is set to become one of the world’s greatest actors.

So, he wants to come full circle and play the grown-up Highmore’s father when the young actor is at the height of his success.

Rhys-Meyers explains, “He learned from the master, Johnny Depp, in Finding Neverland and Charlie & The Chocolate Factory – that was Freddie’s first really big introduction into how an actor works.

“So doing two films back to back with Johnny Depp certainly trained him for what he was going to be able to do as he got older.

“I just think he’s going to get better and better and I think Freddie Highmore could be one of those few young actors who’s gonna be a great adult actor. I think his career could span 40 years.

“I think he’s gonna get more handsome as he gets older as well. I’d be very excited to be 65 and him playing my 30-year-old son. We could call the film Winter Rush.”



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  1. *Twinkle* wrote: Aww.. that’s so cute. And yeah.. he really is a good actor. He’s amazing in Finding Neverland. And August Rush was really good too.

    I’d see Winter Rush.. haha..