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Home Celebrity ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Sasha Pieterse on Coming Face to Face with Charles and Post Time Jump Ali
‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Sasha Pieterse on Coming Face to Face with Charles and Post Time Jump Ali

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Star Sasha Pieterse on Coming Face to Face with Charles and Post Time Jump Ali


Alison DiLaurentis is at the center of all the drama and mystery on Pretty Little Liars. Her “death” was the reason A began torturing the girls and now she’ll be the one to unmask their tormentor and end all the drama once and for all.

Sasha Pieterse, who plays Alison in the series, is convinced that tonight’s summer finale “ties all of the webs together” and answers every question that fans have been wondering since season one. She even took some time to talk to Entertainment Weekly about her reaction to finding out Charles’ identity, as well as what we can expect from Alison after the five-year time jump.

Her thoughts on finding out the identity of Charles/A

“…when you find out who “A” is and everything that’s happened, it makes sense. I think the fans will be totally blindsided by all of this – but in such a good way. I know there’s been a lot of comments from the fans that they hope it’s not someone who is super close but at the same time hope it’s not someone that we’ve hardly seen before. I think that was the right feeling. They’re kind of exactly right, and I think the writers heard that. But at the same time, I think this is something that’s been in the works for a long time. The beauty of it is that our fans are so involved but they’re also on the same wavelength so as much as everything changes all the time, we still have our fans in mind, obviously. They just totally coincide with where we want the show to go as well.”

On Ali after the time jump:

“…with the time jump, all of those years that have passed, she also has changed a lot and reinvented herself. I think she’s more of an honest person. That will also come together with her love life and the way she handles her relationships. I think the fans are honestly going to be happy with the outcome. It is what it is with her. She’s a difficult person even if she doesn’t want to be.”

PLL Ali Post Time Jump

Read Sasha’s full interview over at Entertainment Weekly and join me (@TheJasmineAlyce) as I live-tweet tonight’s summer finale, when we come face to face with Charles tonight at 8pm on ABC Family!

Photo Credit: ABC Family

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