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Home Entertainment ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Are All Grown-Up After Five-Year Time Jump
‘Pretty Little Liars’ Are All Grown-Up After Five-Year Time Jump

‘Pretty Little Liars’ Are All Grown-Up After Five-Year Time Jump


It’s no secret by now that in addition to revealing A in tonight’s episode of Pretty Little Liars, the show will also be the last time we see our girls as…girls.

When the show returns from its hiatus, the liars will be young women: 5 years older, out of college and beginning to work in their career fields. Thanks to Entertainment Weekly, we now have a first look at the grown-up liars, one of whom has a pretty nice looking rock on that finger.


Most of the girls are sporting some drastically different looks, from Spencer’s adorable bangs, to Aria’s rocking red(ish) hair to (most notably) Hanna’s no-longer-naked ring finger! That’s right, it looks like we could get a pretty little Haleb wedding before the end of the series (yes, I’m assuming she’s engaged to Caleb because who else?!). Emily looks the exact same, but at least we know we can always count on Emily to be Emily.

The liars may be adults now, but according to the show’s exeutive producer Marlene King, they’ll still very much be themselves. “They’re not different people,” King said. “They’re just more grown-up versions of themselves.”

She also said that some of them are still dealing with the fallout from A’s years of torture. “They still suffer from post-traumatic stress at times and we will hear as we go into the next season some stories about how what they’ve been through has still haunted them and affected the decisions that they make,” King told EW.

Although we’ll have to wait a little longer to meet our grown-up liars, (although I’m hoping for a sneak peek tonight), make sure you don’t miss them when they unmask -A during tonight’s summer finale.

Photo Credit: ABC Family

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