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Home Entertainment What Did You Think of Last Night’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ A Reveal? (Poll)
What Did You Think of Last Night’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ A Reveal? (Poll)

What Did You Think of Last Night’s ‘Pretty Little Liars’ A Reveal? (Poll)


Last night, the world found out who has been torturing the girls of Pretty Little Liars for the past 6 seasons and there has definitely been a mixed response to the reveal.


First let’s go down the list of answers we were given (in no particular order):

-Cece Drake is A and was born Charles DiLaurentis, later becoming Charlotte DiLaurentis (Cece/Charles/Charlotte=same person)

-Charles never tried to drown baby Ali, but instead (did the dumbest kid thing in the world and) dropped her into the tub because he was trying to calm the upset Ali down.

-Jessica was accepting of Charles as Charlotte, but Mr. D stopped visiting when he found out about her being transgender

-Bethany Young and Charles were friends as children in Radley and Bethany killed Marion Cavanaugh to keep Charles’ transgender secret. She then threatened to tell everyone Charles did it because “no one would believe the boy in a dress”

-Cece ‘killed’ Alison thinking she was Bethany

-Mona ‘killed’ Bethany thinking she was Alison (Melissa buried her alive, remember)

-Charlotte became Cece so that she could get close to her sister Alison and hated the liars for coming between she and Ali

-Sara Harvey is Red Coat and Black Swan (no we didn’t find out how Cece and Sara met)

-Cece killed Wilden

-Sara Harvey saved the girls from the lodge fire

-Cece befriended Mona in Radley because Mona was so heavily drugged that she thought Cece was Alison

The mystery that has yet to be solved: Who killed Jessica DiLaurentis? We saw Cece bury her, but Jessica was already dead when she found her. I’m guessing we’ll get the answer to that mystery when the show returns.

So now’s your chance to sound off and give your vote…

If we left any answers out, or you want to talk about feelings and stuff after that finale, talk to us in the comments below!

Photo Credit: ABC Family

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