Latest ‘Scream’ Victim Describes Filming Messiest Death Scene Yet


Another teen bit the big one on Scream last night in the show’s bloodiest death yet.

(Spoilers Ahead!)

Emma’s ex Will (Connor Weil) was the latest Brandonface victim and poor Emma was the cause of the entire bloody mess. Just when we thought Will was out of the murder-y woods, Emma forgave him for his ways, angering “Brandon James” and resulting in Will’s life being cut short, as he was cut in half.

See what Connor Weil told TVLine about the brutal scene below

On how/when he found out about Will’s death

“I found out as soon as we were about to shoot Episode 6. It was that cliffhanger where Will gets dragged off, so they told me, “This isn’t the end for you … but it’s the beginning of the end.” It was such a great process; I thought I had such an amazing death, and to have Will fight his way back to life only to have it all end so brutally is such a beautiful, horrible thing.”

On filming THAT scene

“The crew was very good about safety, and it was actually more special effects than anything else, so I wasn’t in any immediate danger — thank God. But it was intense to shoot; it was a really big deal.”

On Will’s murder taking place in broad daylight

“I think that’s what they were trying to say. Like, this guy can get away with this even in broad daylight — he’s really in charge.”

Read the rest of what Connor had to say over at TVLine, and catch new episodes of Scream every Tuesday at 10pm on MTV.

Photo Credit: MTV

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