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‘Vampire Diaries’ Stars Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder Discuss “Bamon”

‘Vampire Diaries’ Stars Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder Discuss “Bamon”

We had the chance to visit the set of The Vampire Diaries yesterday here in Atlanta, and we chatted with Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder about one of the fans’ favorite shipperdoms “Bamon.” From the impact that both the characters, Damon and Bonnie, have had each other to Bonnie starting to come into her own, both Ian and Kat opened up with press.

“I think Bonnie’s time with Damon actually affected the character’s personality in a huge way,” Kat Graham stated when asked how her time with Damon last season prepared her for Enzo this season. “I don’t even think we’re dealing… even the way they’re writing the character, there’s a lot of “Damonisms” in the writing.”

“I don’t think it’s just the time they spent. I think it completely altered her.” Graham went on to say.

While Ian and Kat didn’t have too much to tease for Bamon shippers, they did speak very fondly of each other’s characters.

“So the Bonnie Damon relationship…. poor Bonnie. He just drags her repeatedly through the mud, and she still loves him. I don’t know why. Crazy woman.” Somerhalder smirked.

“Kat Graham is such a strong actor, and Bonnie is such a strong character that I want her to… and you’ll see her sorta start coming back into her own and taking a lot less s***.” Somerhalder continued to say.

Check out a few clips from our interviews with Kat Graham and Ian Somerhalder below!

Be sure to catch an all new episode of The Vampire Diaries tonight on The CW! And stay tuned for more of our videos from our visit to set yesterday!!

Video Credit: Emma Loggins / FanBolt

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  1. Did you bother asking them about anything other than “bamon”? The majority of people who watch the show are interested more in the individual characters than in that particular relationship so it would be nice to have info pertaining to things other than just that. This season actually has a lot of interesting stories finally starting to unfold and it seems this was a wasted opportunity to get some details for the wider audience, rather than a small group of shippers.

    1. If you paid attention and didn’t seem like a bitter shipper yourself you will know that they also posted other stuff on their YouTube channel in fact that Bamon question was the 3rd one they posted so get off your high horse and get outta here. They always posts more than one and let others enjoy their things.

      What has been interesting, let me guess Bonzo? The forced Bamon 0.9 since it’s not even an upgrade or the heretics not really having anything to do?? Lets not.

      1. how about if you stop acting like you actually have any idea about what i like or don’t like, stop calling me names and stop acting like some sort of fandom police officer. it’s people like you who give the rest of the fans of the show a very bad name. there was nothing rude about what i asked and, since i’m apparently not as obsessed as you are, i was unaware of other interviews. it was just a request for more diversity in the interview questions about the individual character arcs and the show in general. maybe all you care about is bonnie and damon but that’s not the case for the majority of the viewership.

      1. really? you’re going to thank a person who verbally attacks me and tells me to “get outta here” just because I’m not a desperate bamon shipper or a rabid fan who follows every single interview on every single media outlet? wow! that’s so professional of you.

  2. Hello Emma, thanks for asking them we really appreciate it, saw your pictures on set, hope you had a good time. Can’t wait for what is really in store for them. Can’t wait for more bad ass Bonnie and more scheming Damon. Hopefully Damon gets a better new story line soon that isn’t keeping a coffin. Hope to see how their plans works out.

    BTW, love how both Kat and Ian talks about these characters. They always brings a smile to my face.

  3. Thank you Mabel!! 🙂 And thanks for grabbing my back too! haha 🙂 I have lots more with these two to come along with all the other actors – so definitely keep checking back! 🙂 Apparently 7.10 is going to be an amazing Damon episode. Ian told us he lost 6 pounds the week they filmed it – it was really emotionally intense for him. I can’t wait to see it! 🙂 (And that video is coming soon too!)

    1. YES!! Thank you so much. Finally something to look forward to regarding Damon. As much I love my Bamon scenes, I love it when characters get to have their individual story lines and I can’t wait on that. I mean 10 episodes in but better than never. lol

      Definitely looking forward to those interviews. Thanks a lot for that scoop. Will be checking back to see them.

      And gladly 😉 some people just want to act like they are the only ones who matters when they aren’t getting their way and this fandom is full of them, unfortunately.

  4. Thank you for this interview and for asking about Bamon. I love how supportive of this pairing both Ian and Kat are, they need to happen already it’s been 7 years come on, lol! I’m looking forward for the other parts of Ian’s interview, thanks again for sharing with us!

  5. Can’t wait for more Baroline, Bamon, and Bonenzo. Friends, lovers, whatever, idc. Just glad to see Bonnie getting more interactions this season with a little more substance than previous seasons. I love Bonnie and want more storyline for her “onscreen” no matter who her love interest is. And I’m very protective of her because of the unwarranted hate she gets from some parts of the fandom. I really hope that negativity doesn’t affect how she’s written. Anyway, more development on her witch powers would be much appreciated. But thanks for asking about Bamon.

  6. Im toooooo happy when Ian n Kat do some interviews since now Bamon fans get a lot of pressure according to new terms of Bon Enzo. But like for the last 5 episode tvd episode doesnt [email protected] takes my attention except for Bamon scene wíth Oscar n last scene of episode 5. I hope they can manage Heretics part better than before. Soo many time wasted n sometimes Stefan Lerie scenes talk too much. And we get Bamon scene soooo little. I hope we can see how Tvd develop every charcters without bias n stop prolong bout coffin. To be honest its kills the flaws of story if they wanna a real fresh start. With Steroline i know why its kinda rush coz candice king is pregnant. But here i hope we can see new development of Bamon to get a chance for romance coz its been a years!


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