Justin Theroux Talks Kevin Garvey’s ‘The Leftovers’ Shocker


The Leftovers star Justin Theroux is talking about last Sunday’s shocking twist and teasing what’s next for his character.


Justin Theroux’s Kevin Garvey seemed to meet his end last Sunday, when he unexpectedly committed suicide, shocking literally every viewer. In the age of killing off major characters, killing off your main character is still considered a pretty dramatic move and while Kevin may be dead, it seems that he won’t remain gone forever.

Theroux talked to Variety about why Kevin did what he did, what he thinks about season 2’s direction and whether or not we can expect to see Kevin return.

On why Kevin’s decision to commit suicide

“He’s in a sustained meltdown. He’s not getting a job anytime soon. His house isn’t getting fixed up, aside from doing minor home repairs and going to the hardware store, and spending a lot of time in that truck talking to people and trying to figure out how he got there. But I think what he enables him to kill himself is feeling that as much as possible, he’s been able to tack down his family in a way. He’s gotten somehow Laurie back to his house with Jill, even though that’s maybe not the best relationship. He’s gotten a promise from Nora saying she’ll come back if he can rid himself of these voices. And so he’s put his finger in the dyke long enough for him to run to Virgil’s trailer to try this thing. I think he thinks he’ll be back in 5 minutes, as Virgil promised.”

On how he feels about season 2 as a whole

I’m loving this season. I was loving making it. The scripts we were handed just kept getting better and better. Not the source material (for the first season) was bad; it was exceptional. It was just something nice, for (creator) Damon (Lindelof) and for Tom (Perrotta), too, to be left off the leash and explore some other themes.

On whether or not Kevin will be coming back

“It’s possible you’ll see more of me in a couple of iterations, but that’s all I’ll say.”

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