Bond Fan Buys Wrecked Movie Car

A JAMES BOND fan has paid thousands of dollars for the sports car which was wrecked during the filming of new movie QUANTUM OF SOLACE, according to DANIEL CRAIG.

The luxury Aston Martin DBS was smashed to pieces in April (08) when a stuntman accidentally drove the vehicle into Lake Garda in Italy.

The car – one of six used on the movie set – was subsequently dredged from the water, but deemed unfixable.

But Craig admits that film bosses made their money back by selling the vehicle to a 007 fan – for more than its original worth.

As new, the car is valued at $129,500 (#70,000), but Craig says the wrecked Aston Martin was sold for approximately $370,000 (#200,000).

He says, “I think somebody paid about #200,000 for this written-off Aston Martin. It was a Bond aficionado.”


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