Will Melissa McCarthy Return for the ‘Gilmore Girls’ Revival?

Melissa McCarthy

With Netflix’s revival of Gilmore Girls now officially in production (filming began yesterday), fans have wondered what other former cast members would also be returning that haven’t been announced. The main character in question with fans seems to be Sookie, who was played by Melissa McCarthy.

It’s not a secret that Melissa McCarthy has gone on to have the most success out of the former Gilmore Girls cast, and series creator Amy Sherman-Palladino even addressed that in a recent interview saying,”She’s really f—ing busy. But the thing I have said [to her team] is, ‘Look, if Melissa is available and has an afternoon free, I’ll write her a scene. Melissa was one of us. If she has a spare moment to run over [to the set] — even if for just a cameo — we would be totally game. And if it’s a last-minute thing, I would write her in and we would figure it out. That’s the way we left it.”

However, that invitation to stop by seems to have gotten lost in the Stars Hollow mail, as McCarthy has taken to Twitter saying that she has not been asked to return for the revival.

During last summer’s Gilmore Girls reunion at the ATX Festival, McCarthy was the only major cast member who didn’t show, and during the panel, Sherman-Palladino made a comment on stage alluding to the fact that everyone present was still on good terms, leaving some fans to question if the remark was referring to issues with McCarthy.

Will Melissa McCarthy Return for the Gilmore Girls Revival?

That’s all we currently know on the topic of Melissa McCarthy returning to Netflix’s Gilmore Girls revival. We’ll keep you posted on any new information that surfaces, and until then we have our fingers crossed along with other fans that Sookie will return, even if just for a scene, to Stars Hollow.

Let us know your thoughts below, do you want to see Melissa McCarthy return as Sookie for the Gilmore Girls revival?

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  1. I doubt it, Melissa is way to popular now! They just gracefully bow out I think!