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Nyko Charge Block: Making Life Easier for Xbox One and PS4 Owners

Nyko Charge Block: Making Life Easier for Xbox One and PS4 Owners


For the longest time I’ve maintained doing things the hard way when it comes to charging my Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers. For the Xbox One, I continued to use batteries where I would have to change them out multiple times per week. With PlayStation 4, it wasn’t as costly or difficult as I would connect the Dual Shock 4 controller up to the console through the USB cord. However, I recently got my hands on the Charge Block from Nyko that allows me to easily place and charge my controllers with ease.

The Nyko Charge Block is available for both Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and comes with the needed parts to work with each console’s controller.

Xbox One
The Xbox One Charge Block comes with a battery pack and back cover per charge station. The battery slot cover exposes the part of the battery that connects with the charge station for easy charging.
The Charge Block Solo can be purchased for $19.99, while the Charge Block Duo is available for $29.99.

PlayStation 4
The PlayStation 4 Charge Block comes with a dongle per block that plugs in to the controller and slips on top of the Charge Block for easy use.
The Charge Block Solo is available for $14.99, while the Duo is available for $24.99.


The Nyko Charge Block can be purchased as a solo block or a double set, and what’s great about having multiple blocks is that they can connect to each other so not every block has to be plugged in to a wall. But what’s even better, if someone has both a PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, both charge blocks can still connect to each other to create one single station for charging both controllers. This is very satisfying as an owner of both consoles as it makes it easy to set up and maintain without having multiple cords plugged into the wall.

I must say that I’m very satisfied with the ease of the Charge Block from Nyko. They function extremely well with the simple slide dock capabilities for both controllers. There’s also a light that will flash on the docking stations that alerts the player that the controller is being charge. The light will become solid once the charging has completed. Also, the battery pack for the Xbox One controllers maintains a good charge, and I’ve never had it run out on me as I always place it back on the charger after use.

Having the Nyko Charge Block power stations has definitely made my life as a gamer a lot easier. It’s a good option for those looking to find an easier way to store and charge their controllers at the same time.

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