Alex Graves to Direct Sony’s Live-Action ‘Mulan’


Alex Graves is to direct Sony Pictures’ live action adaption of Mulan. The 51-year-old director – whose previous credits include episodes of Game of Thrones, Homeland and Shameless – has been hired by the studio to bring the Chinese legend of Hua Mulan, the young female warrior who takes her ailing father’s place in the Chinese Imperial Army, to the big screen.

The Sony film is a Chinese co-production under the banner of Sony Pictures International Productions and although not cast yet there will be a Chinese actress in the titular role of Mulan. The script is being written by Jason Keller and will be produced by Doug Belgrad, whose 2.0 Entertainment will co-finance.

Sony’s film is not the only live-action Mulan movie coming to the big screen. Disney recently confirmed plans to make their own new Mulan film – inspired by the company’s 1998 animated musical which starred Ming-Na Wen as titular character Fa Mulan and Eddie Murphy as small dragon Mushu.

Walt Disney Pictures has fast-tracked the film and want it to hit cinemas on November 2, 2018 and, like Sony, the studio is looking for a Chinese actress to play the main character. It is the latest live action adaptation by Disney following the release of Maleficent and Cinderella, with Beauty and the Beast coming out next year.


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