Screenwriters Talk ‘Star Trek 2’


In a recent interview, ‘Star Trek’ screenwriters Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci discussed the first film as well as their thoughts on the sequel.

When asked about the romance between Spock and Uhura in the first film Orci said, “There was a little flirtation in the original series. But we thought that since we were doing a harmony on some of the things that were happening before, well, what happened in the original series? The first interracial kiss was with Kirk. So we thought what can we do that’s different, but that still pays homage to that? Spock!”

When asked about the sequel Orci stated, “We want it to come like the first one, which came organically. We weren’t rushed, so I think the time we got to spend on it is reflected in the work,” continues Orci. “We feel the pressure a little bit coming on, but we’re easing into it slowly.”

Kurtzman gave his view on the sequel saying, “In a sequel, you have even more of that burden because the first movie is about introducing characters, but the second movie is about digging deeper into them,” Kurtzman says. “So you’ve got to make sure your story is giving everyone a moment… More than a moment. An arc.”

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  1. I was disappointed with the reboot, but now that they’ve gotten past the introductions, I’ll give the 2nd movie a shot. If it’s a well-written story, I’ll be happy. If it’s filled with plot holes like the last one, I’ll give up on Trek forever.