Top 10: Shows in Danger

If shows were kept around based on their quality, television would be unrecognizable. Unfortunately, great shows are often rewarded by throwing them out on the curb as the business is cruel to those that can’t find audiences. Another round of eliminations is just around the corner, and several shows are in danger of being sent packing. We’ll take a look at 10 of the more intriguing cases.

10. Without a Trace / Cold Case
These two procedurals pull in 10 million-plus viewers regularly, so why are they on the chopping block? Well, CBS–America’s most watched network–has different standards than others… CBS is used to HUGE numbers and doesn’t settle for less. As previously reported, rumor is CBS is looking to cut costs in a big way, and that means these two may not return.
Prognosis: With CSI, NCIS, and The Mentalist well over 15 million viewers, these two have near-impossible standards to keep up with. Not looking great.

9. Knight Rider
The last we heard about this show is it was undergoing a massive overhaul… but that was late last year. Cast members were cut, and the main story is supposed to simplify and harken back to the classic Knight Rider. Jay Leno’s primetime talk show is going to kill a lot of NBC programs, and this pricey action show and ratings drag will probably be one of them.
Prognosis: We’re not even sure how this got on television in the first place. But then again, NBC doesn’t make the wisest decisions.

8. In the Motherhood
Just a few days after its premiere, In the Motherhood saw its initial order cut by more than half from 13 episodes to just six. Yikes. The debut numbers weren’t great, but with ABC’s full plate of shows this season and promising pilots next season, the network can afford to be extra picky now.
Prognosis: Throwing single moms out on the street isn’t nice, but it is business. A goner unless ratings jump drastically.

7. Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles
Fox absolutely loves Terminator… but Fox also absolutely hates poor ratings. However, Terminator has one great thing going for it–McG’s Terminator: Salvation opens in theaters in May. If it’s a hit, it could restrengthen the brand and give this promising show new life.
Prognosis: It sounds silly to say a TV show’s fate relies on a movie’s performance, but let’s face it–the television industry is as wacky as they come.

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