Hacksaw Ridge Blu-ray Review

Hacksaw Ridge is a World War II era true story about a conscientious, yet patriotic, objector named Desmond Doss. Various experiences in his family life shaped his belief system and dedication to avoid ever picking up a firearm. However, he felt a strong desire to serve his country and decided that he was called to help his fellow soldiers as a medic.

Hacksaw Ridge is an inspiring tribute to a heroic man of strong faith who stuck to his principals. This impressive cinematic account of his experience and impact during his participation in the Battle of Okinawa is a must-see movie.

The experience of watching this movie on Blu-ray is bound to make the viewer feel as though they are right in the heart of battle. The vivid scenes grip your senses and draw you into the action. But it is the story of patriotism, valor and faith that sticks with you long after you have had the honor to discover this story through the magic of cinema.

Hacksaw Ridge on Blu-ray does come with special features, including a documentary on the making of the movie. It also has a Veterans Day greeting from Director Mel Gibson and Deleted Scenes.

The documentary, titled The Soul of War: Making Hacksaw Ridge, is over an hour long and provides extensive and interesting information into the making of the film. It features comments and insights from the actors, director Mel Gibson, and others, including commentary from Desmond Doss Jr. who shares what it was like to watch the story he knew so well come to life on screen. I feel that the documentary is an excellent addition to the Blu-ray and is certainly worth watching to learn more about the movie and what it was like for the actors and creators to tell and portray the story of Desmond Doss.

Special features:
– “The Soul of War”: Making Hacksaw Ridge” Documentary
– Veterans Day Greeting with Mel Gibson
– Deleted scenes

Hacksaw Ridge doesn’t shy away from showing the realities of war and is geared towards those who have the stomach for this topic. Others who get grossed out easily may find some of the scenes a bit too gruesome as about half of the movie is spent roaming a devastated battlefield. Still, it truly is an inspiring movie to watch as one man braves terrible conditions in the effort to save the lives of his fellow soldiers.

Hacksaw Ridge is now available on 4K Ultra HD, Blu-ray, and DVD.



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