‘Hangover 2’ Cast Deals

It is being reported that after 6 months of negotiations, the stars of ‘The Hangover’ are about to put pen to paper on a deal to make a sequel to the hit comedy.

Warner Bros. and Legendary Pictures have come to an agreement with stars Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms as well as director/producer Todd Phillips which will see the actors each get around $5 million against 4% of first dollar gross, while Phillips will collect around $10 million against 10%. Included in the director’s deal is a provision that he will not make any less than he did on the original, which has already passed $50 million, reports say. Shooting may start as soon as October.

According to the report, the deal was a tough one because the actors made less than a million collectively for the first film, which became the highest-grossing R-rated comedy of all time. They also weren’t locked in for a sequel.


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