What We Know About ‘Psych: The Movie’


Hey, Psych-Os! FanBolt got the chance to talk to the cast and creative crew of the upcoming Psych movie. Stars James Roday and Dulé Hill were on hand to answer questions about what we can expect to see when our favorite detectives reunite! So far, we know that everything’s going down around Christmas, and that we may even see a new love interest for Gus!

Corbin Bernson, aka Henry Spencer, had quite a bit to say about the changes that Henry’s gone through since the Psych series finale. It sounds like we’ll be seeing a very different side to Henry when the movie starts, and it’s Shawn’s new case that draws him back into the fold!

There are some changes in the police department, as well! Chief Vick is still heading up the San Francisco PD, but we’ll be introduced to Juliet’s new partner, played by longtime FanBolt favorite Sam Huntington. However, fans can rest assured that, though Timothy Omundson’s stroke earlier this year has prevented him from participating as fully as hoped, we will definitely be seeing Lassiter in Psych: The Movie.

I don’t know about you guys, but I can’t wait until December!


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