‘Captain America’ Contenders

According to reports, Marvel and director Joe Johnston are preparing to screen test candidates for the Captain America role, with the list of actors consisting of: Chace Crawford (Gossip Girl), John Krasinski (The Office), Scott Porter (Friday Night Lights, Mike Vogel (Cloverfield), Michael Cassidy (Privileged), Patrick Flueger (Brothers) and Garrett Hedlund (Eragon). All except for Hedlund have already reached test deals. This seems to end rumors that Robert Buckley is up for the role, as he is not on the list of actors screen testing.

Marvel is apparently driving a hard bargain on salary, offering just $300,000 to everyone except established stars like Crawford and Krasinski. They are also requiring whoever gets the role to sign on for NINE options for future films, including sequels, The Avengers, or whatever else Marvel decides.

Johnston recently directed Krasinski’s fiancee, Emily Blunt, in The Wolfman.

Vogel also has some history, as he was runner-up to play Captain Kirk in ‘Star Trek’ and was once considered for Superman in ‘Superman Returns’.


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